Shopping Online

Shopping Online

Shopping online on the EU-wide market can offer savings and greater choice. EU online shoppers enjoy a set of consumer rights under EU distance selling rules, including cooling-off periods which mean the freedom to change...

Air Travel

Air Travel

Cancelled flight? Long flight delay? Denied boarding? Lost or damaged luggage? Thanks to EU air passenger rights, you may be entitled to reimbursement, rerouting, compensation and more. Your European Consumer Centre can advise you on your...

Popular Consumer Topics

Popular Consumer Topics

Whether you are shopping in Europe when abroad or from your home, you have EU-wide rights as a consumer. European Consumer Centres offer you free advice on these rights, and other practical advice on how to avoid problems abroad. Consumer...

European Consumer Centres:travel advice and buyers' guide for EU consumers

Need consumer travel advice for your trip in Europe or looking for a buyers' guide with tips on safe shopping in the EU market?


Having problems getting a refund for a cancelled flight, getting a faulty product replaced? Your complaint about an excessive bill got nowhere?


The EU-wide network of European Consumer Centres (ECC-Net) offers free consumer help and advice:

 travel advice and a buyers' guide for European consumers shopping for goods and services in other EU countries, Norway or Iceland, with practical consumer tips that can save you money and help avoid problems;

 free expert help in settling your complaint against an EU-based foreign trader, for example an online seller or a tour operator from a neighbouring country, in case you are not happy about how they handled your complaint.


The Centres are co-sponsored by the European Commission and national governments. ECC Cyprus is hosted and operates at the premises of the Competition and Consumer Protection Service of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism.


There is a European Consumer Centre in every EU country as well as in Norway and Iceland, so you can get help and advice at home for problems abroad.

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